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Managed Services

Monitor & Manage your IT systems
ZDL takes a unique 360° approach to Total Security Management helping make our clients' infrastructure, applications and data more secure in the face of continually evolving Advanced Persistent Threats.
ZDL Managed Services offer businesses a proactive approach to cyber security, leveraging experts in the field to continuously monitor and manage IT systems, identify and respond to potential threats and implement preventative measures to safeguard against attacks.
We'll give you the peace of mind that you have a team of professionals who are always on the lookout for potential threats.
  • Supplier Evaluation Risk Management (VenDoor)
  • Incident Response Preparedness
  • Security Training for Developers
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR/EDR)
  • Virtual Information Security Manager/CISO
  • OSINT/ Threat Intelligence

Working as Your Security Partner

We are here to help your organisation to drive both maximum effectiveness by driving real and quantifiable ROI. You will benefit from unbiased, accurate and constructive advice from consultants who are not only experts in their field; they are passionate about it too.

Our approach for every client is different. Consultants can be based permanently at your site if required, work on a project basis to help drive and develop strategic planning, or be readily available to troubleshoot or provide urgent advice and support in the event of a breach with our incident response services.

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Managed Detection Response (MDR/EDR)

We live in an era where blind spots in detecting and reacting to early indicators of compromise can be punishing. For many organisations, it can be difficult to configure and design effective security monitoring in-house or leverage existing tools to their maximum potential.

In addition, an effective logging and monitoring solution can process millions of events per day. Alerts stemming from improper detection logic management can often be overwhelming and difficult to understand resulting in a confusing environment; and these come 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Incident Response Preparedness

- Cyber Incident Prevention Training, Planning & Support

Incident Response Preparedness is designed to raise your organisation's resilience in the event of a breach to minimise the impact of an attack. Pre-Breach preparation is key and this is why we focus totally on Pre-Breach only services. Assessing your capacity for managing an incident and setting the processes and training in place to manage them before they happen, are core to the ZDL approach for Incident Management. From Policy Reviews & Creation to Assessments to Runbook Creation to Training and Desktop Simulations, preparing for the attack before it strikes protects business continuity and reduces the level of monetary damage that could occur.

Smiths Detection operates in a fast moving industry where security is paramount for both ourselves and our clients. Therefore it was imperative we worked with an experienced organisation such as ZDL who could deliver complex assignments on time to our exacting standards. ZDL have been our preferred IT Security Consulting partner of choice for 4+ years, implementing diverse projects such as testing, source code reviews, and security education and training such as social engineering for all our key users.

I would strongly recommend ZDL for organisations that are serious about improving their overall IT Security posture.

Karim Hyatt,
Managing Director,
Smiths Detection

By helping us drive our IT Security strategy forward in several key areas, ZDL has created a real partnership that has delivered results from day one. I would happily recommend ZDL for all your IT security needs if you are serious about Total Security Management.

Group Chief Technology Officer,
Leading International Public Transport Group

PD Ports has been working with ZDL on a number of projects since 2015. In that time they have provided us with a full 360° review of our internal processes which has enabled us to develop our cyber security strategy. Their in-depth assessment and review has enabled us to implement long-term solutions to ensure that our desired level of cyber maturity is reached and can be maintained. We are already planning our next project with ZDL, where they will further assess our cyber security strategy to ensure we are protecting the most vulnerable areas of our business. I would highly recommend their services and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Richard Ellison,
IT Manager,
PD Ports

By engaging with ZDL we are in a much better position, where we now have a deeper and richer understanding of risk in our business. Not only this, we also now have the strategies in place to reduce these risks at pace. The service and quality we received, from first engagement to delivery of the broad security review reports (and beyond) has been excellent. I would happily recommend ZDL as a strategic cyber security partner, and I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Hunt Companies

We are very proud of the continuing improvements we are making to consistently improve our overall IT security posture. Our clients demand confidentiality and security of their data and financial transactions and assurances that we are compliant with all current regulations. By working closely with ZDL we are ensuring that we have an active program of continuous improvement based on their experience and our needs. We believe we could not have achieved the level of success we have without the advice, support and guidance of the ZDL team of experienced consultants. ZDL’s attention to detail, customer satisfaction, experience, knowledge, quality and consistency has enabled my team to align our IT strategy to our business strategy providing us with real TCO and ROI.

Leading Insurance Underwriter

MAP asked ZDL to conduct a number of Security Awareness Training sessions for all employees, including senior management. The sessions proved enjoyable, informative and their interactive nature kept all participants engaged. It was clear during the sessions and from subsequent discussion that awareness of today's security threats had been heightened and behaviour improved when browsing and receiving email, recognising the likes of phishing attacks, both in and out of the workplace.

The training was straightforward to arrange, cost effective and has added real value to how we mitigate against the ever growing risk and impact of cyber attacks. ZDL remain our Security Partner of choice.

Systems Manager,
MAP Underwriting

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